The Tier 2 Network

In the summer of 2000, when the APRS Internet Service was still in its infancy, it became apparent that there would need to be a different approach to how data was delivered. During the next couple of years, a few server sysops got together and figured out how to apply a tiered approach to the server configuration. Different software packages were tried, and finally javAPRSSrvr (by Pete Loveall, AE5PL) appeared as the most viable piece of APRS server software.

In addition to a tiered setup in which “core” Tier 1 servers would serve “secondary” Tier 2 servers which in turn would serve end-users, the filtered-feed port 14580 was created with the help of javAPRSFilter written by Roger Bille, SM5NRK. In July 2003, the domain was registered, and the APRS Tier2 Network was born with five servers in the second tier. The service quickly grew in demand, and more servers were added as needed.

Though our approach has changed and adapted through the years, the Tier2 service remains committed to providing top-quality internet service to all APRS clients worldwide.

The T2 network now offers a user/load balancing system to ensure the most efficient use of the T2 servers. This in turn means that in the case of any server outages users are redistributed amoungst the other T2 servers.

Contrary to belief the majority of our servers are based in Data Centers with redundant power and feeds. There are strict guidlines for becoming a T2 Server Sysop ensuring the best quality of servers and bandwidth.

The network has its own cross-connected backbone between the T2HUBS.


Current Core Network Stats

Server Status Capacity
first Active 42.0%
second Active 52.7%
third Active 45.8%
fourth Active 3.3%
fifth Active 12.7%
sixth Active 2.4%
seventh Active 0.0%
eighth Active 3.9%
ninth Active 2.4%

Max Poss User Connections 16300
Current User Connections 1166

Current Tier2 Network Stats


  5 Core Hubs
33 Countries
90 Regional Servers
Regional Rotate Addresses
Server Load / User Balancing

Max Poss User Connections 55349
Current User Connections 5177